Junior Academy Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Crew

Leadership Crew is an extensive program for grades 5-8. Students may sign up to take one or more responsibilities around the school. Each responsibility has a crew and a LOL (Leader of Leaders). The LOL is in charge of scheduling, training his/her crew as well as covering for students on their crew who are absent. Crews include ; Morning Duty (greeting and helping younger students into school), Milk Crew (delivering daily milk), Kindergarten Crew (Eat lunch and Help Kindergartens get ready for recess) Junior Playground Duty (helping younger students play cooperatively on the junior playground), AV Crew (weekly assembly AV set up as well as concert and event support).

House Team Captains

Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are eligible to apply to be a House Captain for each of our 4 houses. Interviews take place in September and Captains are responsible for leading their house for the entire year. Some responsibilities include assembly announcements, planning and leading weekly intramural games, planning and leading sports day activities, charity drives and keeping up the house spirit for duration of the year!

Big Brothers and Sisters Programs

Big Brother and Sisters are assigned one or more younger student to mentor. Once a week, they meet and eat lunch together as well as spend one recess playing together.

Reading Buddies

Older and younger students are paired to read together once a week. Students take turns reading to each other and discussing books.

Clubs and Teams

Students are able propose new clubs, and run them with staff supervision. In recent years students have driven Glee Club, Dungeons and Dragons and Rocket Club. Team captains are assigned and responsible for representing the school during competition.