Creative Arts

Creative Arts are an integral part of the academic and co-curricular program at Junior Academy. Students attend a formal music class twice per week and participate in drama and visual arts programs.

We showcase our arts curriculum during our winter and spring productions. Arts based clubs are available to all students every term which include dance, drama, music and fine art.

Physical Education

Physical education is essential for fostering a healthy lifestyle, improving fitness, enhancing mental health and a readiness to learn. Recognizing its importance, we ensure every class has a dedicated gym period each day. Our daily program emphasizes sports and gross motor development, providing students with opportunities to develop their physical skills while learning the values of teamwork, cooperation, and perseverance. This comprehensive approach to physical education and movement helps students build resilience and a lifelong appreciation for physical activity while enhancing their readiness and capacity for learning.

We also incorporate daily body breaks, which help students stay refreshed and ready for learning. These short breaks involve physical activities which boost energy levels, improve concentration, and reduce stress.