Our Programs

Toddler and Preschool

Junior Academy has an open door policy with Parents. We work to foster a positive relationship with the Parents to build a bridge between home and daycare. Through phone calls, notes, emails, documentation and Parent/Teacher meetings Teachers will keep the Parents abreast of their child’s activities and development.


Beginning in Kindergarten, children are encouraged to interact with one another, both within the comfort of the homeroom class and within the full school community. Older students act as buddies to younger children to help them grow and become comfortable in the larger school environment.

Grades 1 to 6

Students are challenged academically in a supportive environment that takes into consideration the learning style of the individual child and provides remediation and enrichment as required. Junior Academy builds a strong foundation for future academic success by actively engaging its students in the life of the school and providing a positive learning experience.

Grades 7 to 8

One of the goals of our teachers is to guide the students in gaining acceptance to the high school of their choice. Each year, Junior Academy’s Grade 8 students have excellent secondary school acceptance rates, making us a great choice for middle school. 

The Arts and Physical Education

Arts are an integral part of the academic and co-curricular program at Junior Academy. Students attend a formal music class twice per week and participate in drama and visual arts programs.

STEPS Program

Every student needs to have their own path towards success. Our STEPS programs are designed to enable students to scaffold gaps, realize their potential and truly feel successful.

Additional Education Resources

There are several resource teachers on staff at Junior Academy who are available to assist students on an individualized basis. Resource teachers include qualified Reading Specialists, Special Education and Speech Language Pathologists or Occupational Therapists. Student Success Plans, SSPs, (like an I.E.P.) are provided if a student requires specific modifications or accommodations to his or her academic program.