Our Co-Curricular activities help our students develop into well-rounded team players.

Junior Academy is a member of the Small Schools Athletic Federation, (SSAF) which includes 64 schools from the Toronto Area. We also have a club for every student to enjoy at Junior Academy! Clubs run at morning and lunch recesses and are based on student interest. Students can propose a new club and, with approval, run it with staff supervision.

All students at Junior Academy are placed in one of four house teams: Hammil, Phelan, McClelland and Clarke. Throughout the year, there are a variety of house activities arranged by staff and House Captains – a position that students may wish to apply for in grades 6, 7 and 8. Students are encouraged to wear their house colours and dress up for some fun on house day events.

Junior Academy has many leadership opportunities for students in all grades. We encourage students to be as involved as possible to build a well rounded learner.

Community service is an important part of being a student at Junior Academy.  We participate in several initiatives annually, and other community based events to help provide our students with a broader sense of purpose, responsibility and charity.