FLEX - Friendship and Social Skills, Learning Skills, Executive Functioning

FLEX is a weekly class for students in grades 1 through 8, conducted in their homeroom classrooms. The FLEX program is designed to help students develop key competencies in regulating emotions, building healthy relationships, making responsible decisions, and navigating social complexities. More specifically, this program aims to teach essential skills such as initiating play, navigating changes in social settings, conversation skills, how to win/lose games, and flexible thinking.

The Intensive FLEX program builds on these principles, providing more explicit and in-depth instruction. In small groups of about four students, a specialist teacher conducts a 40-minute session each afternoon. This program uses evidence-based approaches such as Zones of Regulation and Social Thinking. It aims to develop social skills, play skills, emotional regulation, cooperation, responsibility, and positive friendships. The 5 key pillars of this program are self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, friendship skills, and responsible problem-solving.