Junior Academy
Toronto Private School

Celebrating 32 years of excellence in education

Junior Academy is a co-educational, independent Toronto private school located on Bayview Avenue, south of York Mills. Our progressive programs, class sizes and support structures allow us to remain committed to individual excellence.  Our program balances academics, extra-curricular activities and social-emotional development tailored to the needs of the individual students who comprise our school community.

Mission & Goal

At Junior Academy, we strive to put a child’s strengths at the forefront of their education. We believe that students do well if they can, therefore we provide a supportive environment where students are accepted, appreciated, encouraged and challenged according to their individual strengths.

Our goal is to provide our students with the means to realize their full potential and celebrate the contributions of each student as they achieve individual success. Our focus on the Growth Mindset, Strength Based Education, and the use of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions are a few of the ways in which we achieve this goal.

Strength Based Education

Junior Academy’s strength-based approach aligns a student’s preferred cognitive styles, learning profiles, interests and abilities with the curriculum to ensure that they are being taught and assessed according to their individual strengths. Our strength-based approach enables students to feel successful and encouraged.

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions

A key component to developing social and emotional growth as well as problem solving abilities at Junior Academy occurs through the use of Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model. The key theme of the CPS model is that “kids do well if they can.”

The model focuses on developing collaborative skills in order to find solutions to challenging situations and problems. Not only is this essential as a life skill in order to function adaptively in the real world, this is also essential for the social – emotional health and development of our students.

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