STRIDE and STEPS Program


The STRIDE program (Small Teaching Remedial Intervention Development Education) is a small group learning environment dedicated to bridging the gap to grade-level skills in core academics, which can include language, math, science, and/or social studies, using a dynamic approach based on student needs. By focusing on where students currently are in their educational journey, STRIDE tailors its approach to nurture and develop essential skills, empowering each student to achieve their full potential. While the program emphasizes targeted intervention and growth in core subjects, students remain integrated with their peers in homeroom classes for enriching subjects like music, art, and physical education. STRIDE provides the personalized support and attention necessary to help every child succeed academically and socially.



Every student needs to have their own path towards success. Our STEPS programs are designed to enable students to scaffold gaps, realize their potential and truly feel successful.

We also have one specialized Full Day STEPS class for students in Grades 4-8 with four students. The Full Day STEPS class is a skills-based program designed to support learners whose focus is on pre-academic skills, school readiness skills, social skills, daily living skills and academic skills. Students in this classroom are taught by highly specialized staff and we partner with additional therapists to support individual goals.