Junior and Senior Kindergarten

 Junior Academy follows the Ontario curriculum and incorporates a unique approach by including social and emotional programming during the school day. Beginning in Kindergarten, children are encouraged to interact with one another, both within the comfort of the homeroom class and within the full school community. Older students act as buddies to younger children to help them grow and become comfortable in the larger school environment.

The Arts

Kindergarten students participate in creative movement, music, arts and crafts, painting, drama, and dress-up. Students also participate in physical education three times each week.


Students are introduced to reading, writing, and mathematics as they are ready. A whole language approach in conjunction with a foundation in phonics is used to introduce themes and topics of interest to young children. Classroom toys are selected that will encourage socialization, the development of fine motor skills, spatial awareness and problem solving.

Technology is integrated into lessons through the use of a classroom Smart Board and school Ipads.


Kindergarten students have French daily for 30 minutes. Through the AIM French method, songs, games, drama and activities are used to introduce the language with students becoming familiar with colours, seasons and numbers as they develop everyday conversational skills.

Snack and Lunch

Snack time is every morning at 10:30 a.m. Parents provide their child’s morning snack. Junior Academy is a nut-free zone. Full day students have lunch at 12:45pm, and then a 30 minute outdoor recess.

Field Trips & Outings

Kindergarten students go on several outings each year, including visits to farms, the theatre and other appropriate venues. Students have the opportunity to participate in off-site skating, skiing, swimming and several after school clubs.