The Agenda Book

An agenda book is taken home nightly by students in Grades 1 to 8. The homework assignments are listed in the agenda which is initialed by the homeroom teacher and the parent. All school notices are sent home in a “pouch” at the front of the agenda book as well as activity notices and reminders.


Edsby is an online community that lets families see what’s happening at school with a single, secure app that also gives them an easy way to engage with their children’s teachers. Parents can connect with other parents in online groups. Parents can also plan absences, and schedule parent teacher interviews within the Edsby platform. Both desktop and mobile versions are available.

Friday Notes

Every Friday homeroom teachers send an email to class parents. The Friday note details which strands of the curriculum the class is working on in each subject as well as a preview of what is coming up. The Friday note also has reminders of upcoming special events, as well as sports and clubs information.

Weekly Wednesday

Weekly Wednesday is an email message from our Principal. This weekly message outlines important information for parents, including parent events, school news, special community events, sports and clubs information.


Parent- teacher interviews are held in November and April for all grades.  In addition, parents will receive a monthly update by phone or email from their child’s home form teacher.  Parents are encouraged to request a meeting with the teacher at any time if they wish to discuss their child’s progress.


Parents receive three written report cards a year – November, March and June.  Parents also receive Friday notes, monthly check-ins by phone or email and formal interviews on request.


*Important school dates and events are listed on the school website at: