Junior Academy has a uniform requirement for all it’s students. During school hours, Monday through Friday, students are required to wear a crested navy blue golf polo and grey flannel pants. During indicated times students are allowed to wear gym uniform or blue walking shorts. 

Students should also have appropriate footwear, which includes black dress shoes (with non-marking soles), gym shoes, and outdoor footwear.

For a full listing of uniforms items, please refer to the below: 

Regular Uniform:

·        Grey flannel pants for boys and girls

·        Grey tunic, kilt or skirt for girls

·        Navy polo jersey with school crest

·        Navy blue V-neck sweater or vest (optional)

·        Black dress or all black running shoes

·        Navy blue walking shorts (warm weather)


Gym Uniform:

·        Navy blue sweat shorts

·        Navy blue sweatpants

·        Navy blue sweatshirt

·        Non-marking running shoes

·        Grey, branded t-shirt

It is required that students are neatly dressed in the appropriate school uniform.  Hair should be neat and for safety reasons, out of eyes. During P.E., students must have their hair tied back, if necessary.   Small, pierced earrings and modest jewelry are permitted.  

McCarthy Uniforms

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