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About Us

At Junior Academy, our teachers know two things very well, your children and how to teach them. Established in 1988, Junior Academy’s teaching philosophy looks at the individual potential of our students, and help them achieve it.

It’s a school where your child’s learning style is understood and embraced. Our teachers work together to ensure that gifted students, average learners, or those needing more support, are taught using methods that helps them succeed.

The school’s commitment to extracurricular activities and community involvement enriches the learning environment beyond the traditional school experience. We encourage students to become responsible, receptive and active leaders as members of society.

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“Scholastically, Jack has benefited immensely from his time at The Junior Academy. The accommodation of his learning style and dedication to moving Jack forward in his studies have paid significant dividends, both in terms of the confidence he now has in his ability to learn and his steady improvement as a student. We will always be grateful for these Junior Academy legacies.” — Parent of a Graduate

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