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What Our Students & Parents Say

  • “After a long search, our 3 children began attending Junior Academy this year and it is a perfect fit for all their unique learning styles. Not only are they eager to go to school every day, they sometimes don't even want to leave!  Parent-teacher communication for us was a must and all their teachers go above and beyond in working with us to ensure that each of our children is the most successful they can be. With a great mix of academic, social, athletic and extra-curricular focus, I know that Junior Academy will be a great place for my children to grow and learn for years to come.” — Leanne (Current Parent)
  • “I love being at JA because it is very fun and I learn better. Plus, I have made lots of new friends and I get to play on lots of sports teams. JA is fantastic for me!” — Amanda (current student)
  • “Junior Academy is a caring community of teachers and students. It provides a safe and supportive environment where students feel free to be themselves and are encouraged to do their best. The sense of pride and belonging the students feel about their school is remarkable - and reflects highly on the quality and professionalism of the staff. We cannot think of a better place for Amanda to develop both her academic and her interpersonal skills. It is wonderful to see Amanda excited about school again. She has developed self-confidence and a positive attitude about herself and her academic abilities. We are lucky to have found Junior Academy!” — Sue (Current Parent)
  • “We see the benefits of a small and caring school on a daily basis. Our children are valued as unique contributors to the learning process and the physical environment is always changing to showcase exciting class and school projects. Regular volunteer opportunities allow us to closely interact with the teachers and children and to enhance our understanding of what actually happens in the classroom. It is an amazing experience watching my children develop into confident, kind, and intelligent people in large part due to their experiences at Junior Academy!” — Daphne (Current Parent)
  • “The Junior Academy turned me into the disciplined and ambitious person I am today. There was no shortage for us in terms of sports teams, community involvement and academics. With all of the opportunities given to me, I was able to thrive in the Junior Academy environment and ultimately gain acceptance into every High School I applied to.” — Junior Academy Graduate