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What Our Students & Parents Say

  • “Everytime I am at the school, be it 8 am or 5 pm, there always seems to be a large group of teachers and staff busy with something. Meetings, teams, movie nights, parent functions, and concerts-wow, I have to say I have no idea how you pull it off!” — A Parent of an Active Student

  • “I love the family atmosphere that is fostered in the school where older children are encouraged to connect with younger ones and ‘buddy up’, it certainly made a difference for us!” — A Kindergarten Parent
  • “You really are a dedicated group of teachers.  It shows in everything you do from the extracurricular events to keeping track of the state of my son’s locker. Keep up the great work. The kids are having a great time learning and that keeps us happy to.” — A Grade 8 Parent
  • “You’ve made this year easier for me. Whenever something was not going great, I knew I could come to you. You always encourage me to do my best.” — Grade 5 student to his teacher
  • “We want to express our sincerest gratitude for your patience and hard work. You believed in our child and he rose to the challenge.” — Parents of a grade 4 student