STEPS Program

We offer classes of four to six students to focus on the specific learning needs of each child. These STEPS classes occur alongside the homeroom classrooms during Language and Math periods. STEPS students join their classmates for the rest of the day, after getting the extra help they need in reading, writing and math.

Currently we have two Senior STEPS class (Grades 4-8) and one Primary Full-Day STEPS class (Grades 1-3).





“First and foremost, thank you for the last eight years and the excellent results you have achieved through the Junior Academy Team. Dean’s learning requirements were recognized, assessed, and addressed with great skill in a warm and caring environment. Dean went from a young, disruptive, frustrated child with low self-esteem who hated school, to a fine young man who is out-going, likeable, athletic, confident, enjoys school, and excels academically.” — Parent of a Graduate

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