School Supplies

For the past 10 years, Junior Academy has worked with ‘Best Tools For Schools’ to prepare school supply packages to help parents prepare for back-to-school time.

Best Tools for Schools provides customized school supply kits. Each kit is custom made to match supply requests for each grade and is delivered to the school before classes start in September!  Parents simply enter a five-digit code on the website, click ‘purchase’ and free themselves from the dreaded back-to-school shopping experience!

Why use Best Tools for Schools?

– Convenience – they do the shopping for you, just one click and you’re done!
– Less Packaging – they buy the items in bulk!
– Competitive Prices – competitive with the ‘big box’ stores

Save time and money this year!  Visit Best Tools for Schools

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FUN FACTS: Did you know that you can purchase all your child’s school supplies online?