Parent and Student Testimonials


  • “We are so grateful to you, your wonderful staff, and your wonderful school. We are spreading the word! You are a gift to education.” — A New Parent
  • “We are especially impressed by the abilities of our child’s teachers. The homeroom teacher has made such an impact and is positive, calm and adaptable. She (and his tutor) have worked really well together, too.” — A New Parent
  • “First and foremost, thank you for the last eight years and the excellent results you have achieved through the Junior Academy Team. Dean’s learning requirements were recognized, assessed, and addressed with great skill in a warm and caring environment. Dean went from a young, disruptive, frustrated child with low self-esteem who hated school, to a fine young man who is out-going, likeable, athletic, confident, enjoys school, and excels academically.” — Parent of a Graduate
  • “Scholastically, Jack has benefited immensely from his time at The Junior Academy.  The accommodation of his learning style and dedication to moving Jack forward in his studies have paid significant dividends, both in terms of the confidence he now has in his ability to learn and his steady improvement as a student. We will always be grateful for these Junior Academy legacies.” — Parent of a Graduate
  • “A few short months after joining Junior Academy, we began to notice remarkable changes in our daughter. Most notable was the increase in her self-confidence. Enthusiasm for attending school, homework completion and studying for tests were quick to follow. We are confident that our daughter will not only find her stride at Junior Academy, but for the first time in her academic career, we can envision her excelling.” — Leah (Current Parent)