• Our goal is to provide our students with the means to realize their full potential and celebrate the contributions of each student as they achieve individual success.

We will achieve our goal through:

  • Small class sizes (Maximum 14 students)
  • Progressive education model that incorporates strength and project based programming
  • Social and emotional development which include collaborative and proactive solutions
  • Acknowledgement and accommodation of different learning styles
  • Extended Co-Curricular program that encourages socialization and team building, and leadership
  • Providing a qualified, diverse range of experienced teachers who receive ongoing Professional Development in a variety of areas to enhance Best Practices.
  • Encouraging healthy living through regular Health and Physical Education classes, Sports clubs and Teams
  • Providing a strong knowledge of helping others through school-wide character development initiatives and community involvement.





“After a long search, our 3 children began attending Junior Academy this year and it is a perfect fit for all their unique learning styles. Not only are they eager to go to school every day, they sometimes don’t even want to leave! Parent-teacher communication for us was a must and all their teachers go above and beyond in working with us to ensure that each of our children is the most successful they can be.  With a great mix of academic, social, athletic and extra-curricular focus, I know that Junior Academy will be a great place for my children to grow and learn for years to come.” — Leanne (Current Parent)

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