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Junior Academy is housed in a naturally light-filled building on Bayview Avenue with a state-of-the-art gymnasium where athletics, both competitive and non-competitive, play a large role in the students’ activities. French, music and art programs are also integrated into the students’ daily schedules.

For a small school, Junior Academy has a high level of enthusiasm. Clubs and activities are regularly being initiated and run by our staff, students, and parent body. One advantage of a small school is the ability to show initiative and try new things.

Extra-curricular activities and clubs abound including ski/snowboard trips, skating/shinny lessons, ball hockey, track and field, dance, chess, rocket club and more!

Afterschool clubs include programs in science, technology, arts and crafts, yoga, karate, cooking and sports. Afterschool study halls and homework clubs are also available for students. The school operates an Afterschool program until 6:00 p.m. each day for those parents who may require extended school hours on a regular basis or an occasional one.

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“You really are a dedicated group of teachers. It shows in everything you do from the extracurricular events to keeping track of the state of my son’s locker. Keep up the great work. The kids are having a great time learning and that keeps us happy to.”— A Grade 8 Parent

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