Message from the Founder

Dianne Johnson

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in learning about the Junior Academy.

Junior Academy is a small school that recognizes the different learning styles of its young students and provides them with the individual assistance and attention needed to ensure that they are successful.

Being part of a small school encourages the development of self esteem and a sense of responsibility; everybody is expected to contribute to the school community and everybody’s contribution is important and makes a difference.

Along with the goal of realizing one’s academic potential, the program at Junior Academy emphasizes the importance of the emotional and social development of its students. Establishing a strong set of values and a sense of inclusiveness and concern for others form the core of the school’s philosophy.

The only way to really experience the positive atmosphere and unique learning environment of the Junior Academy is to come and visit the school; so please, contact Nicholas Johnson, Director of Administration, at to arrange a tour.

Best regards,
Dianne Johnson.





“A few short months after joining Junior Academy, we began to notice remarkable changes in our daughter. Most notable was the increase in her self-confidence. Enthusiasm for attending school, homework completion and studying for tests were quick to follow.

We are confident that our daughter will not only find her stride at Junior Academy, but for the first time in her academic career, we can envision her excelling.” — Leah (Current Parent)

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