Junior Academy – Additional Resource FAQ’s

Does Junior Academy accommodate “gifted” students“?

Yes, we accommodate gifted students at Junior Academy in the regular classroom environment. We also have the P.I.E. program (Progressive. Investigation. Education.) The P.I.E. Program provides a unique learning environment. We address the needs of gifted children who may also have another learning exceptionality. These “twice exceptional” (2E) learners can often struggle with having higher levels of development in some areas, yet need assistance in others (Developmental Asynchrony). Our program provides the environment for these children to thrive by incorporating their strengths and interests in a highly engaging and personalized manner.

Is Occupational Therapy available at Junior Academy?

Yes, Occupational Therapy, including sensory integration therapy, is available on site at Junior Academy. Initial sessions may be funded by CCAC if approved.

Is Speech Language Therapy available at Junior Academy?

Yes, a Speech Language pathologist comes to the school to provide speech language therapy to students. Initial sessions may be funded by CCAC if approved.

Can Junior Academy provide opportunities for social skills development?

Yes, Junior Academy has a therapist on staff who can provide students with instruction in social skills development and coping strategies.

Does Junior Academy accept students who are autistic?

Yes, Junior Academy accepts high functioning and verbal students (e.g. Asperger’s Syndrome) on the spectrum. Junior Academy cannot accommodate students on the autism spectrum who are non-verbal.

Does Junior Academy accommodate students with ADHD?

Yes, Junior Academy accommodates a limited number of students with ADHD in the regular classroom setting.

Can Junior Academy meet the needs of students with language based learning disabilities?

Yes, Junior Academy provides remedial reading/writing programs such as Reading Mastery and Orton Gillingham. Tutoring by specialists is provided on an individual basis. Tutoring sessions are paid for separately by parents.





“First and foremost, thank you for the last eight years and the excellent results you have achieved through the Junior Academy Team. Dean’s learning requirements were recognized, assessed, and addressed with great skill in a warm and caring environment. Dean went from a young, disruptive, frustrated child with low self-esteem who hated school, to a fine young man who is out-going, likeable, athletic, confident, enjoys school, and excels academically.” — Parent of a Graduate

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