Additional Education Resources

Resource Teachers

There are several resource teachers on staff at Junior Academy who are available to assist students on an individualized basis. Resource teachers include qualified Reading Specialists, Special Education and Speech Language Pathologists or Occupational Therapists. Student Success Plans, SSPs, (like an I.E.P.) are provided if a student requires specific modifications or accommodations to his or her academic program.

Individual Assistance Grades 1 to 8

In the primary grades one-on-one assistance is available for students who are experiencing difficulty developing their reading and communication skills.  Reading programs like Reading Mastery and Direct Instruction that emphasize decoding and phonics are used when it is considered appropriate. The Orton-Gillingham program is also available for students who require a multi-sensory approach to learning.

Individualized tutorial instruction is available to students in the junior/intermediate grades (4 to 8) if they require support in order to achieve at grade level. Tutorial instruction in these grades focuses on writing, organizational skills and reading comprehension, although specific assistance in mathematics may also be provided if required.

STEPS Program –  A Differentiated Learning Class

A small class with a pupil teacher ratio of 6 to 1 is available for students in the primary or junior grades who require a special education setting. These students are integrated into the regular classroom setting in the afternoons as well as for Music, Art and Physical Education.

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